Ocean data in ggplot2

Introduction to plotting ocean data with ggplot

Animating movement data in R

Demonstrate how to use gganimate to animate movement data in R

Sea surface temperature (SST) in R

Quick example of how to download, process, and plot satellite SST data

Leaflet map with inset in R

Produce a map with an inset map and nice lat/lon labels using the leaflet package

Interactive maps in R (with leaflet)

A quick example of how to generate an interactive, stand-alone html map using mainly the leaflet package

Making movies in R

Use R and command line tools to create a movie from a series of plots.

Bathymetric maps in R

A comparison between oce and ggplot2 for plotting simple maps with contours (bathymetry), lines, points, and polygons

Add html map widget to webpage

Quick example of how to embed an html widget, in this case a map, into a webpage

Spectrograms in R

Step-by-step instructions for creating and plotting acoustic spectrograms from wav files in R